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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Thanksgiving with some turkey. 


As I could not return to NY for the holiday, I made plans to spend Thanksgiving with Michael Scotto, and his merry kin. I heartily enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. It represents a day of goodwill, and appreciation for all of those aspects of my whirlwind life that I am particularly grateful for. So, although I could not spend it with family, dinner with a friend and his family was quite agreeable. And of course, any day that I get to spend with so amiable a pup like Chuckles (Toby to some) is a fine day indeed.


Two things that made the Thanksgiving day especially pleasant: First, when I walked out of the house Thursday morning it was lightly hailing. The strong wind was tossing hail back and forth, and for a moment it felt as if I'd wandered into some fairy tale, the worries of the world all but consumed by the white specks that dance before me. Tiny dervishes blasting by speeding cars, electrifying the air I breathed. Proper weather will get me into the most unusual of moods. The next special moment was later that night, hanging out with Mike and his younger brother Vinnie. We happened upon the topic of drugs (truth be told, I had been carefully nudging Vinnie into a drug conversation all evening actually). It was soon revealed to Mike that not a fortnight previous, Vin had smoked up for the first time and found it a pleasurable experience. With that, I wordlessly left the room and returned with a packed bowl. We stepped outside, and the three of us engaged in a rousing round of racquetball. Here's a photo I took as soon as were done:

Look at 'em. Theyre both as bent as mangled mufflers.

It's Official 

When Tyrants Kiss has been officially declared a real movie:


Mr. 5000 

Just took photo number 5000 on the ole new-camera. I feel like I'm finally at peace with this digital technology. An uneasy one. But a peace. Okay here it is, number five thousand. Another bedroom view shot. Apparently the main entrance is across the woods from my window. Curious not to notice this hour long line of cars until now. Must make a note to examine my environments more thoroughly in the future.DSCN6281.JPG

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Henry's Film Corner 

Just the other day, somebody asked me if Hank was still makin waves, if anyone cared about what he had to say. Well... Henry Rollins has a new TV show on IFC called Henrys Film Corner.
(Source: Blabbermouth.net)

Andrea Meyer of IFC News is reporting that IFC will launch "Henry’s Film Corner", a movie review show hosted by actor, author and former BLACK FLAG singer Henry Rollins, on Saturday, December 4.

Rollins will talk movies, showbiz and film culture with special guests and ordinary people (including his mailman), with clips of upcoming films, DVD releases and rediscovered classics providing fodder for their spirited discussions.

Regular features will include: "Typecast", which will examine how various social and ethnic groups are portrayed in film; "What to Watch", a compilation of films organized by mood; and "Henry's Picks", in which Rollins recommends what viewers should see.

According to Rollins, "'Henry's Film Corner' will not be some sanitized 'talk show' with polite commentary and everyone trying to be politcally correct. I have very strong opinions on many subjects and I look forward to many high-spirited, in-your-face debates on many different issues, including things that piss me off. At the same time, I will be offering our audience thorough reviews of upcoming films to help provide some guidance on what to see and what to avoid."

Debbie DeMontreux, IFC's Vice President of Development and Production, described "Henry's Film Corner" as "'Ebert & Roeper' meet 'Real Time with Bill Maher'" and called Rollins "one of the entertainment world's most intriguing personalities, at times ferocious, facetious, intolerable, brutal, hysterical, angry and jaded." She said, "This series will combine Henry's love of film and his thoughtful reviews with his and his guests' frank and brutally honest opinions on everything from the world of film to more complex and serious social and political issues."

The 10-part series joins IFC's 2005 original programming slate, which will include "Ultimate Film Fanatic Season 2", "Dinner for Five" and "Wanderlust", a new documentary from the directors of "American Splendor".

"Henry's Film Corner" will premiere on Saturday, December 4 at midnight (EST)/9 p.m. (PST). Each new 30-minute episode will air on the first Saturday of the month.
Oh yay! Kind of makes me wish i still had cable.

Who Knew? 


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Chicken-Hawk Turkey Assassin 


So, every Thanksgiving there's this silly little White House tradition, where The President and some guests (usually families with children) attend a yearly pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey. I suppose the ritual is meant to convey the mercy and wisdom of the 'Man in Charge". A message that a 'take no prisoners' attitude is un-American, here's what Hang-em High George thought of that:
"I have political capital, and I intend to spend it—first by killing, and then by eating, this delectable turkey," Bush announced to the stunned onlookers, who watched as Biscuits was dragged away by two burly Secret Service agents.
Bush then said that he would use his traditional Thanksgiving pardon to free DeLay should he be indicted for political corruption charges in Texas, and then paraded the Texas congressman across the lawn to complete the festive holiday ceremony
Bush Kills Turkey, Pardons DeLay

Effectively what President Chimp is doing is pardoning a man before he has been fully investigated and charged. In other words, no matter what dirty shit DeLay has done, the President has sworn (in blood) to pardon a possibly treasonous criminal.

Oh, and in case you thought the election fiasco was over here's a tasty update on that: It's good to see Cobb and Badnarik do something useful for once: The Fight Goes On Oh yeah, here's more good news about our economy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Devil gave a sudden leap / And struck Miss Squill all of a heap. 


Around this time of the year a few shifts occur in me. Among these seasonal changes is a re-ignited curiosity in all things Gorey. Late Autumn, early winter is the perfect weather for reading through the volumes of Edward Goreys macabre masterpieces that I have collected. Above are the cover images to The Gashlycrumb TInies, and The Disrespectful Summons click on them to read these splendid works. Some motivated soul even made a Gorey inspired font. Although the page claims it wont work with Macs, Mac OS X will read it easily enough. Last year, my roommate, Mikey from DC received a strange gift from a stalker-friend of his. Mikey found the gift so disturbing that he had to get rid of it at once, before he threw it out, he asked me if I knew anything about it, turned about to be a hardcover edition of the Gashlycrumb Tinies! Chance as a form of readiness... Apparently it struck him as something I 'might like'. One mans trash... Anyone ever see The Hapless Antiquarian? Apparently it's an Indie short written and produced in Gorey style. Shot in Michigan. Looks cool. It'll be in The Arlene's Grocery Fifth Annual Picture Show. Hmm... maybe I'll submit Tyrants while I'm at it. Who knows?!

The view 

from my bedroom window.

Room view Panorama small


And so, I have posted in a while because A) I've reached my upload limit at Flick'r which has forced me to set up a second account. (sheesh) and B) I've been drinkin for the past 48 hours. So this has been me for the daylight hours since Sunday:

Sleeping Dog

Friday, November 19, 2004

Comical Dissent 







Thursday, November 18, 2004

"Why'd the chicken cross the road?" 

"CAUSE I SHOT HIM!!! yeeeeeah!"
From: Hey Henrietta from the album "Hot Animal Machine... Plus" by Henry Rollins
A wonderful song, on a marvelous album, by a fascinating man.

On a completely different musical note. I just finished one of the most satisfying mixes ever. The satisfaction was in that this was the sort of playlist that has been piecing itself together in my mind for years, and I finally felt I'd the appropriate mental disposition to assemble it. YES, I was sober! Jerk. Of course, there will be vigorous testing and perhaps (though doubtful) some amount of tweaking, but this sucker is done! Clocking in at just over 79 minutes, it will be a dusty aural bonanza!
Time for the rest of the righteous.
Happy trails, fools.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

An Inference On the Gender of a Deity 


It occurs to me that the entire discussion/debate as to the particulars of 'Gods'' gender is a most illogical and truly fallible one. Were God to employ reproductive organs it would bring our considerations on It to a new plateu, would it not? The very ability of said deity to reproduce sexually in fact would open the door to a whole realm of messy possibilities. As one in the scientific employ might feel compelled to point out; it would infer the need to feed, to excrete waste once having fed, it would more than hint at a discernible origin, a maturation period, a death. Why, the very notion of a gendered creator goes beyond the essence of what most Catholics consider God to be. To declare it the Holy Father in essence is to declare his impossibility within that rigid structure of perfection, no? Of course, one might assert then this God-figure assumes a gender for our benefit. To assume a role as an authority figure. Or perhaps one might say it is irrelevant that God, in Catholicism is seen as irrevocably male.
(Would the Lord of Hosts have a cock?)
Nevertheless, such assertions would clearly be the utterances of an individual so sullied by this male-dominated world-culture, that theyve lost all sense of objectivity. In which case, be gone with you. I assert then, that in order to truly believe in God as a perfect being, or at least within any Catholic framework, one must strip It of a gender entirely. naturally, the introduction of gender into this world would have taken place at the origination of plant life... perhaps bacteria. Though I confess an ignorance to the inner-workings of the reproduction of bacterium and various other microscopic forms of life.
Hmph. Just a thought.
Perhaps sleep is in order.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

OKAY! So Alls I'm Sayin Is 

There's a chilling similarity, no? Is THIS what they mean when Conservatives speak of a return to values? I'm only being partly sarcastic. It seems to me that certain parts of the country have historically been resistant to change and cultural evolution. Which is not to say that liberals are always correct, but there certainly seems to be a pattern of progressive agendas bringing the nation forward, giving us moral purpose. With the so called 'moral majority' kicking and screaming brining up the rear.

Slave States


MF DOOM is a swell lyricist, with an ominous, offbeat style. Highly recommended.

MF Doom
"This happens, to any MC that wants to rumble
Dynasty's destroyed like Carrington's and Colby's
Noise, reduced, MF thinks in Dolby
Chop that ass in half like Obi Wan Kenobi
Greatest of all time, God straight up told me
Greatest of all time, the Devil even told me"

Tick Tick from the album "Operation Doomsday" by MF Doom

This Feels Familiar... 


Rice to Replace Colin 

The Prince of Darkness positions another pawn.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Later, COLON! 

Powell Jumps

So what the hell is this more than one Larry Suarez in the world shit?! And what kind of name is SuarezMan?! What a doosh. Well he's not ALL bad, he DOES have Flash PacMan on his website, which earns him points. And his name IS Larry Suarez, so how bad CAN he be?

Well, Colin Powell is quitting his position in the Bush Administration. Thusly removing all moral credibility that the Administration ONCE had. Cause let's face it, after that February '02 UN Anthrax-vial speech, he lost all respect any credible person had for him. After all, Powells little show is the single most influential display that convinced America that we HAD to go to war. Punk-bitch. Hopefully, they don't replace him with another punk-bitch.


Anyway, new WONKA pics were released. I'm really happy to see the Indian clown (Mr. Soggybottom) from Big Fish as presumably one of the Oompa Loompas. These costumes feel TOTALLY Burton. And get this: Christopher Lee is Wonkas father!! Weird. I don't think that's in the Dahl book, although Burton has made it clear that this adaptation will more closely follow the popular childrens novel, than the 70's version did. More as developments surface.


Saturday, November 13, 2004

fraud n.: deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage  


Wednesday, November 3rd was surely a blow to us all. I felt shock, then awe.....then betrayal, then an intense disorientation. Something close to ice-cream head and a bad mushroom trip. Y'know the kind where everything feels sickeningly cyclical. Like the awful loop will never end?? Was it possible that not 8 hours after Edwards had told us they were going to fight thins thing till the end that Kerry was bowing down like a nervously obedient choir boy before Sunday Mass? Shit, that was a Gore moment if I've ever seen one. And unfortunately for us all Ive seen TWO now.
"What do we want?
When do we want it?!
Awwww, forget it. C'mon Teresea, let's go home, I'm due for a spankin."

Yes, it was by and large a sensation of most egregious perfidy. We were evidently betrayed by the youth vote, betrayed by the conservatives who said they wouldn't vote for Bush.... betrayed by God who had once hinted at something called justice. I thought the voting populace would be on the same relative page. And hell even if we weren't on the same page we were at LEAST reading the same book, and it sure as hell it wasn't My Pet fucking Goat. We might not have agreed on where to take this country, but we knew that Bush wasn't making anyone happy except the far Christian Right, and the money men. Now, I knew it was foolhardy to call for a landslide, but I thought for sure the drums had sounded and liberals were voting in droves. Things were going to change, damnit! The time for a democratic revolution was long overdue!

Weren't we all in for a surprise. Or were we? Perhaps that shock we felt as the liberal (and inherently more well informed) half of America was a bit premature.While it’s extraordinary for a candidate to get a vote total that exceeds his party’s registration in any voting jurisdiction – because of non-voters – Bush racked up more votes than registered Republicans in 47 out of 67 counties in Florida. In 15 of those counties, his vote total more than doubled the number of registered Republicans and in four counties, Bush more than tripled the number. In Florida, George Bush received 20,000 more votes than registered Republicans.

NOTE: Four years ago when Republicans thought he would be the middle of the road, fiscally conservative, uniting not dividing candidate Bush got 85% of registered Republicans.

Let's of course not forget that in 6 of the major swing states, exit polls showed Kerry ahead by considerable margins.
This from Republican pollster Dick Morris: " To screw up one exit poll is unheard of. To miss six of them is incredible." He goes on to suggest that the only possible explanation is a conspiracy by the 'Liberal media' to influence voters, however, when one looks at the larger picture, something else seems to develop. A pattern of skullduggery and fraud. Much like that of 2000.Then of course let's not forget Diebold, whose CEO brazenly swore in August to 'deliver Ohio to the Presidents doorstep'. Just today, Computer Science Professor Avi Rubin of John Hopkins University reports that an encryption key used in ALL electronic Diebold voting machines was hacked 7 years ago. " The implication is that by hacking one machine you could have access to all Diebold machines." Scary. So even if Walden O'Dell wasn't fixing the election himself, it is now apparent that ANYONE could have done just that.

My point is folks, were clearly losing this political war, but maybe the Presidential battle wasn't really lost. Kerry, frustratingly, seems all too willing to let lie the sleeping dogs of public outrage. We could sure use some of that mythic Dean rage right about now. YAAAAOW!Pruit Igoe from the album "Koyaanisqatsi" by Philip Glass

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Happy Thing! 

My human being of the week is Nicole Marie Wyatt.
Perspective altering conversations are rare, even for one who seeks them out as frequently as I do. It's a thrill when they come on you by accident. And ought to be documented. Normally I'd write this sort of thing down in the journal you never see. But it was such a great conversation that I just thought I'd let you know.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

No More Monkey Business!! 


Jill Greenberg Studios is the website for a very talented photographer/artist. Check out those awesome Monkey Portraits.

Then check out these really sweet snaps of the Northern Lights. Aurora Borealis

Then spend some time with Rush Limbaugh as he sets the whole 'gay thing' straight for us the poor ignorant masses. "how do we know who's gay and who's straight unless somebody's out there making a big case about it?" Oy! You know what, unless you have lot's of patience or a great sense of humor, maybe just stay away from that last link.

So, on the 9th of June '04, the State Department asked an independent International election monitoring team to observe our elections and to assess changes since the 2000 debacle. Here are some of their conclusions which can be fully explored in this here article:
"As for electronic voting, Gould said he preferred Venezuela's system to the calculator-sized touch pads in Miami.
"Each electronic vote in Venezuela also produces a ticket that voters then drop into a ballot box," Gould said. "Unlike fully electronic systems, this gives a backup that can be used to counter claims of massive fraud.""

Pure Imagination 

Tim Burton, thank you.


Monday, November 08, 2004

The day that was THE DAY 


Ahh the premiere, friends. The premiere the premiere the FUCKING PREMIERE WAS AWESOME. But before we get to that might I just add that as a reader of this here blog, youve shown a certain level of taste (kudos). And as a tasteful person likely to have some fascination with film/film-culture, I would be a poor friend indeed not to mention a wonderful short I had the pleasure to see at the Opening Ceremony of the Three Rivers Film Festival entitled The Heart of the World. This 6 minute short commissioned by the Toronto Film Festival, directed by Guy Maddin, is nothing short of brilliant. Its delirious, frenzied, phrenetic pace hits a peak 2 seconds into the beginning which is sustained till the end credits cut to black. It's Commie propaganda on amphetamines, with a bit of Fritz Lang. The frantic visuals, cutting style and score, made for one of those truly cherished cinematic viewing experiences. It was an unexpected affirmation of the boundless possibilities that is the cinematic experience. Seek thee out The Heart of the World by Guy Maddin, DO IT. After the Opening Ceremonial Screening ended I had the opportunity to meet the director and congratulate him in person, which I derived no small amount of satisfaction from. How often do you get to thank someone who just blew your MIND? A rare opportunity indeed, one for seizing! It was lamentable that Mike and I didnt have a copy of Tyrants on hand, I was sure not to make that mistake the following evening.
Anyway, the party after the showing was splendid. Held in a building that has yet to be finished, there was an ambiance that hearkened back to that Die Hard feeling. A posh party in an empty building. No carpet, no light fixtures, no walls no nothing save windows, stairs and oodles of food and drink. Loved it. I particularly enjoy places that are in transition I notice. Construction sites, abandoned buildings, subway stations, art houses, et cetera... Motility in stillness is character, and character is key. Is genuine character elusive? Uh-oh, that sounds like a long, meandering, ultimately unsatisfying tangent trying to get it's foot through the door. None of that!
Anyway, I happened upon the most delightful combination of liquids at this film festival party. It goes like this, one can of Red Bull, then one generously poured glass of red wine, repeat ad nauseum. By the time we made our timely exits, I'd completed four full cycles of this little combination and felt super. Lucidly smashed. I normally eschew Red Bull and energy drinks in general, (drink some tea, ponce!), but I now see why Red Bull is stocked in bars. I've also heard some rumor about mixing Red Bull with Vodka. Who knows?
Do you? Tell me.
Yes, so the day of the premiere I woke up at the crack of noon, marveled at how fresh I felt considering how plastered I had been the previous evening, and met up with Danny and Mike for lunch.

Two hours later, we pull into the parking lot of the Melwood Screening Room, and proceeded to rock the house. Although I did bring my camera, I didnt really think to snap too many shots, which was a shame considering that the venue was such an impressive one. In classic nervous filmmaker style Mike and I agreed there was no other place for us to be but the very last row and so took our seats accordingly.


One packed house, plenty of timely laughs and 96 minutes of neo-noir goodness later there was applause from the crown and a deep sigh of relief from me. You know what they say about men who spend too much time in the Ladies Restroom? Theyre asking for their illusions to be destroyed, same thing can be said for the movie making process.....
Not sure where I was going with that, abandoning thought....


After the screening and a light Q&A session there was something of a reception in the outer hall, which mainly consisted of lots of puffery and ego stroking. Which is all good and well if youve done something the audience enjoyed, or if you happen to be a living, walking special effects GOD. (Which I am not). SPEAKING OF WHICH I met Tom "Sex Machine" Savini!! I'll just take it for granted that you are one iota of cool and know who that is. Our movie effectively opened for TOM SAVINI who was showing his latest movie right after ours in the same theater! Fucking hype!! After a little poster hanging, hobnobbing, information exchange and DVD slippage I did that really icky thing and asked if I could have my picture taken with him.


I think however that Tom and I got along just fine, and he seemed really into it. He was a very amiable, affable fellow despite his tough 'n gruff 'burgh physiognomy. He kept referring to me as The Cinematographer, which I thought was hilarious. When another fans camera wasn't working he whipped around and from across the room yells to me "wheres the cinematographer!?", which kinda stung my ears cause I was actually standing right behind him.

"Mr. Savini, I'd like to introduce you to my associate Ben Macken, (he starred in our film) and his sister Ariel, Ben, Ariel, Mr. Tom Savini."
Go forth son, and network like a motherfucker.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Our Democracy Sucks 

Yahoo! News - Ohio Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Votes:

Friday, November 05, 2004

The day before THE DAY. 

26 Hours 'til the premiere.
I'm "giddy as a school boy." For the second time, someone has sat down to watch the When Tyrants Kiss DVD to review it, and 10 minutes into it has been struck with some sort of health ailment and been rushed to the emergency room.
There is no bad press, except no press.

The Cathedral

Batman from the album "Music For A Darkened Theatre (Vol. 1)" by Danny Elfman

Computer Loses 4,500 Votes 

Wired News: Computer Loses 4,500 Votes:

Dollar Plunges to Record Low Against Euro 

Latest Business News and Financial Information | Reuters.com:

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

And then it occurred to me... 

Where we are now, we can't even imagine what the bottom will be like.



Ohio holding out

What do we want?
When do we want it?
-Al Franken


In Chicago, citizens cast their votes at the Family Pride Laundromat.
-John Gress/Reuters

02vote.slide11Voters waited for over an hour on Tuesday morning in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami.
James Estrin/The New York Times


Voters in Miami.
-Alex Quesada for The New York Times
02vote.slide2Voters lined up early at the Boston Public Library.
-Ting-Li Wang/The New York Times

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Suspense is Terrible. 


Go Pennsylvania, go!Electoral Map