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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Henry's Film Corner 

Just the other day, somebody asked me if Hank was still makin waves, if anyone cared about what he had to say. Well... Henry Rollins has a new TV show on IFC called Henrys Film Corner.
(Source: Blabbermouth.net)

Andrea Meyer of IFC News is reporting that IFC will launch "Henry’s Film Corner", a movie review show hosted by actor, author and former BLACK FLAG singer Henry Rollins, on Saturday, December 4.

Rollins will talk movies, showbiz and film culture with special guests and ordinary people (including his mailman), with clips of upcoming films, DVD releases and rediscovered classics providing fodder for their spirited discussions.

Regular features will include: "Typecast", which will examine how various social and ethnic groups are portrayed in film; "What to Watch", a compilation of films organized by mood; and "Henry's Picks", in which Rollins recommends what viewers should see.

According to Rollins, "'Henry's Film Corner' will not be some sanitized 'talk show' with polite commentary and everyone trying to be politcally correct. I have very strong opinions on many subjects and I look forward to many high-spirited, in-your-face debates on many different issues, including things that piss me off. At the same time, I will be offering our audience thorough reviews of upcoming films to help provide some guidance on what to see and what to avoid."

Debbie DeMontreux, IFC's Vice President of Development and Production, described "Henry's Film Corner" as "'Ebert & Roeper' meet 'Real Time with Bill Maher'" and called Rollins "one of the entertainment world's most intriguing personalities, at times ferocious, facetious, intolerable, brutal, hysterical, angry and jaded." She said, "This series will combine Henry's love of film and his thoughtful reviews with his and his guests' frank and brutally honest opinions on everything from the world of film to more complex and serious social and political issues."

The 10-part series joins IFC's 2005 original programming slate, which will include "Ultimate Film Fanatic Season 2", "Dinner for Five" and "Wanderlust", a new documentary from the directors of "American Splendor".

"Henry's Film Corner" will premiere on Saturday, December 4 at midnight (EST)/9 p.m. (PST). Each new 30-minute episode will air on the first Saturday of the month.
Oh yay! Kind of makes me wish i still had cable.
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