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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Devil gave a sudden leap / And struck Miss Squill all of a heap. 


Around this time of the year a few shifts occur in me. Among these seasonal changes is a re-ignited curiosity in all things Gorey. Late Autumn, early winter is the perfect weather for reading through the volumes of Edward Goreys macabre masterpieces that I have collected. Above are the cover images to The Gashlycrumb TInies, and The Disrespectful Summons click on them to read these splendid works. Some motivated soul even made a Gorey inspired font. Although the page claims it wont work with Macs, Mac OS X will read it easily enough. Last year, my roommate, Mikey from DC received a strange gift from a stalker-friend of his. Mikey found the gift so disturbing that he had to get rid of it at once, before he threw it out, he asked me if I knew anything about it, turned about to be a hardcover edition of the Gashlycrumb Tinies! Chance as a form of readiness... Apparently it struck him as something I 'might like'. One mans trash... Anyone ever see The Hapless Antiquarian? Apparently it's an Indie short written and produced in Gorey style. Shot in Michigan. Looks cool. It'll be in The Arlene's Grocery Fifth Annual Picture Show. Hmm... maybe I'll submit Tyrants while I'm at it. Who knows?!
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