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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Chicken-Hawk Turkey Assassin 


So, every Thanksgiving there's this silly little White House tradition, where The President and some guests (usually families with children) attend a yearly pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey. I suppose the ritual is meant to convey the mercy and wisdom of the 'Man in Charge". A message that a 'take no prisoners' attitude is un-American, here's what Hang-em High George thought of that:
"I have political capital, and I intend to spend it—first by killing, and then by eating, this delectable turkey," Bush announced to the stunned onlookers, who watched as Biscuits was dragged away by two burly Secret Service agents.
Bush then said that he would use his traditional Thanksgiving pardon to free DeLay should he be indicted for political corruption charges in Texas, and then paraded the Texas congressman across the lawn to complete the festive holiday ceremony
Bush Kills Turkey, Pardons DeLay

Effectively what President Chimp is doing is pardoning a man before he has been fully investigated and charged. In other words, no matter what dirty shit DeLay has done, the President has sworn (in blood) to pardon a possibly treasonous criminal.

Oh, and in case you thought the election fiasco was over here's a tasty update on that: It's good to see Cobb and Badnarik do something useful for once: The Fight Goes On Oh yeah, here's more good news about our economy.
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