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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

OKAY! So Alls I'm Sayin Is 

There's a chilling similarity, no? Is THIS what they mean when Conservatives speak of a return to values? I'm only being partly sarcastic. It seems to me that certain parts of the country have historically been resistant to change and cultural evolution. Which is not to say that liberals are always correct, but there certainly seems to be a pattern of progressive agendas bringing the nation forward, giving us moral purpose. With the so called 'moral majority' kicking and screaming brining up the rear.

Slave States

You know, there may be a simalarity inbetween slave states and red states but different people with different values live in those states! I am a North Carolinian and I like Bush and detest slavery. huh! It's very odd, isn't it, that I am different from people 150 years ago! Very odd....
I think that your home-environment fosters certain attitudes politically and culturally that I find regressive and a bit regrettable. History will always look upon these red states as the last to get the news, as it were. While the norm of say, Pittsburgh or New York is a bit more progressive, liberal, tolerant. The political climate of your North Carolina, is conservative, repressive, traditionalist in nature. I think these places haven't changed for hundreds of years, that map was to illustrate that point. I would not be so foolish at to say that ALL people in red states are one way or the other, but I think you can say certain things about the masses. Make certain inferences on the attitudes and beliefs of the majority, and such.
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