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Declare independence! Don't let them do that to you!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

No More Monkey Business!! 


Jill Greenberg Studios is the website for a very talented photographer/artist. Check out those awesome Monkey Portraits.

Then check out these really sweet snaps of the Northern Lights. Aurora Borealis

Then spend some time with Rush Limbaugh as he sets the whole 'gay thing' straight for us the poor ignorant masses. "how do we know who's gay and who's straight unless somebody's out there making a big case about it?" Oy! You know what, unless you have lot's of patience or a great sense of humor, maybe just stay away from that last link.

So, on the 9th of June '04, the State Department asked an independent International election monitoring team to observe our elections and to assess changes since the 2000 debacle. Here are some of their conclusions which can be fully explored in this here article:
"As for electronic voting, Gould said he preferred Venezuela's system to the calculator-sized touch pads in Miami.
"Each electronic vote in Venezuela also produces a ticket that voters then drop into a ballot box," Gould said. "Unlike fully electronic systems, this gives a backup that can be used to counter claims of massive fraud.""
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