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Monday, November 15, 2004

Later, COLON! 

Powell Jumps

So what the hell is this more than one Larry Suarez in the world shit?! And what kind of name is SuarezMan?! What a doosh. Well he's not ALL bad, he DOES have Flash PacMan on his website, which earns him points. And his name IS Larry Suarez, so how bad CAN he be?

Well, Colin Powell is quitting his position in the Bush Administration. Thusly removing all moral credibility that the Administration ONCE had. Cause let's face it, after that February '02 UN Anthrax-vial speech, he lost all respect any credible person had for him. After all, Powells little show is the single most influential display that convinced America that we HAD to go to war. Punk-bitch. Hopefully, they don't replace him with another punk-bitch.


Anyway, new WONKA pics were released. I'm really happy to see the Indian clown (Mr. Soggybottom) from Big Fish as presumably one of the Oompa Loompas. These costumes feel TOTALLY Burton. And get this: Christopher Lee is Wonkas father!! Weird. I don't think that's in the Dahl book, although Burton has made it clear that this adaptation will more closely follow the popular childrens novel, than the 70's version did. More as developments surface.


What do you think would have happened to W had he managed to get into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory? I'm tempted to say he would have fallen into the chocolate river, but he probably would have chased around the Oompa Loompas trying to flick their ears.
He would have pushed Charlie and Gramps out of the way in the 'bubble' room, and floated his way to a sticky end. There's something about that room that feels like a symbol for alcoholism, and since the first movie was made during his drunken-haze days, it's a perfect fit.
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