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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

An Inference On the Gender of a Deity 


It occurs to me that the entire discussion/debate as to the particulars of 'Gods'' gender is a most illogical and truly fallible one. Were God to employ reproductive organs it would bring our considerations on It to a new plateu, would it not? The very ability of said deity to reproduce sexually in fact would open the door to a whole realm of messy possibilities. As one in the scientific employ might feel compelled to point out; it would infer the need to feed, to excrete waste once having fed, it would more than hint at a discernible origin, a maturation period, a death. Why, the very notion of a gendered creator goes beyond the essence of what most Catholics consider God to be. To declare it the Holy Father in essence is to declare his impossibility within that rigid structure of perfection, no? Of course, one might assert then this God-figure assumes a gender for our benefit. To assume a role as an authority figure. Or perhaps one might say it is irrelevant that God, in Catholicism is seen as irrevocably male.
(Would the Lord of Hosts have a cock?)
Nevertheless, such assertions would clearly be the utterances of an individual so sullied by this male-dominated world-culture, that theyve lost all sense of objectivity. In which case, be gone with you. I assert then, that in order to truly believe in God as a perfect being, or at least within any Catholic framework, one must strip It of a gender entirely. naturally, the introduction of gender into this world would have taken place at the origination of plant life... perhaps bacteria. Though I confess an ignorance to the inner-workings of the reproduction of bacterium and various other microscopic forms of life.
Hmph. Just a thought.
Perhaps sleep is in order.

Not only are you absolutely correct, in my opinion, but I've been learning a lot about the evolution into sexual reproduction in my science class this semester. For God to be "perfect" (that's subjective, anyway), science would almost call for It to be absolutely genderless. In fact, scientists have not yet discovered what the true biological advantage of sexual reproduction is, beyond the ability to employ greater genetic variation from generation to generation. it is nowhere near as safe or as efficient as asexual reproduction, which creates identical copies and leaves it to random mutations to evolve to adapt to environments.
Sexual reproduction has 3 distinct disadvantages that I can remember, and there were two others....Sexual Transmitted Diseases is one. The fact that male penetration of female can damage the female is the second. And the third is psychological, that females will have to escape unwanted attention by males who are programmed to spread their seed.
Hm. I think you could tie that last one into the current state of God in the world today. He is kind of an asshole pushy kinda guy now isn't he?
You are all wrong. U gotta have faith. We are created in God's image, whatever the world has distorted sex and sexual body parts to be is one thing but what he created them for was something beautiful and to create life.
Whenever a philosophical statement is countered with 'you have to have faith' it always reeks to me ofgiving up. Have you nothing better to say than: "put on the blinds, and enjoy the ride"? Whenever you except anything at face value, you ARE the ride. And you my friend are being ridden. By who, I wonder?
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