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Monday, November 08, 2004

The day that was THE DAY 


Ahh the premiere, friends. The premiere the premiere the FUCKING PREMIERE WAS AWESOME. But before we get to that might I just add that as a reader of this here blog, youve shown a certain level of taste (kudos). And as a tasteful person likely to have some fascination with film/film-culture, I would be a poor friend indeed not to mention a wonderful short I had the pleasure to see at the Opening Ceremony of the Three Rivers Film Festival entitled The Heart of the World. This 6 minute short commissioned by the Toronto Film Festival, directed by Guy Maddin, is nothing short of brilliant. Its delirious, frenzied, phrenetic pace hits a peak 2 seconds into the beginning which is sustained till the end credits cut to black. It's Commie propaganda on amphetamines, with a bit of Fritz Lang. The frantic visuals, cutting style and score, made for one of those truly cherished cinematic viewing experiences. It was an unexpected affirmation of the boundless possibilities that is the cinematic experience. Seek thee out The Heart of the World by Guy Maddin, DO IT. After the Opening Ceremonial Screening ended I had the opportunity to meet the director and congratulate him in person, which I derived no small amount of satisfaction from. How often do you get to thank someone who just blew your MIND? A rare opportunity indeed, one for seizing! It was lamentable that Mike and I didnt have a copy of Tyrants on hand, I was sure not to make that mistake the following evening.
Anyway, the party after the showing was splendid. Held in a building that has yet to be finished, there was an ambiance that hearkened back to that Die Hard feeling. A posh party in an empty building. No carpet, no light fixtures, no walls no nothing save windows, stairs and oodles of food and drink. Loved it. I particularly enjoy places that are in transition I notice. Construction sites, abandoned buildings, subway stations, art houses, et cetera... Motility in stillness is character, and character is key. Is genuine character elusive? Uh-oh, that sounds like a long, meandering, ultimately unsatisfying tangent trying to get it's foot through the door. None of that!
Anyway, I happened upon the most delightful combination of liquids at this film festival party. It goes like this, one can of Red Bull, then one generously poured glass of red wine, repeat ad nauseum. By the time we made our timely exits, I'd completed four full cycles of this little combination and felt super. Lucidly smashed. I normally eschew Red Bull and energy drinks in general, (drink some tea, ponce!), but I now see why Red Bull is stocked in bars. I've also heard some rumor about mixing Red Bull with Vodka. Who knows?
Do you? Tell me.
Yes, so the day of the premiere I woke up at the crack of noon, marveled at how fresh I felt considering how plastered I had been the previous evening, and met up with Danny and Mike for lunch.

Two hours later, we pull into the parking lot of the Melwood Screening Room, and proceeded to rock the house. Although I did bring my camera, I didnt really think to snap too many shots, which was a shame considering that the venue was such an impressive one. In classic nervous filmmaker style Mike and I agreed there was no other place for us to be but the very last row and so took our seats accordingly.


One packed house, plenty of timely laughs and 96 minutes of neo-noir goodness later there was applause from the crown and a deep sigh of relief from me. You know what they say about men who spend too much time in the Ladies Restroom? Theyre asking for their illusions to be destroyed, same thing can be said for the movie making process.....
Not sure where I was going with that, abandoning thought....


After the screening and a light Q&A session there was something of a reception in the outer hall, which mainly consisted of lots of puffery and ego stroking. Which is all good and well if youve done something the audience enjoyed, or if you happen to be a living, walking special effects GOD. (Which I am not). SPEAKING OF WHICH I met Tom "Sex Machine" Savini!! I'll just take it for granted that you are one iota of cool and know who that is. Our movie effectively opened for TOM SAVINI who was showing his latest movie right after ours in the same theater! Fucking hype!! After a little poster hanging, hobnobbing, information exchange and DVD slippage I did that really icky thing and asked if I could have my picture taken with him.


I think however that Tom and I got along just fine, and he seemed really into it. He was a very amiable, affable fellow despite his tough 'n gruff 'burgh physiognomy. He kept referring to me as The Cinematographer, which I thought was hilarious. When another fans camera wasn't working he whipped around and from across the room yells to me "wheres the cinematographer!?", which kinda stung my ears cause I was actually standing right behind him.

"Mr. Savini, I'd like to introduce you to my associate Ben Macken, (he starred in our film) and his sister Ariel, Ben, Ariel, Mr. Tom Savini."
Go forth son, and network like a motherfucker.

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