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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Opening of the South Millvale Bridge 

On a frosty Monday Morning Pittsburgh denizens, community leaders, a smattering of bike youths and a few bored moochers went out to the Oakland side of the South Millvale Bridge in Pittsburgh for free Coffee and Cookies. When the Mayor finally arrived the 70 or so people applauded his smart suit and half hearted apology for being 20 minutes late. He read some facts, he introduced some people, they said some facts, the people applauded, he picked up an Andre the Giant sized pair of scissors and cut a strand of red ribbon. And suddenly I live by a viable thoroughfare. It will now be much easier to stumble home from nights spent getting bent in Oakland.
The peasants rejoice.

South Millvale Bridge Opening - 1
South Millvale Bridge Opening - 3
South Millvale Bridge Opening - 4
South Millvale Bridge Opening - 6
South Millvale Bridge Opening - 8
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