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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Alas, For the Surfer! 

Silver Surfer BrunoHang
Alright, as some of you might know I've got a place in my heart for comics. They've heavily influenced and fed my joy for filmmaking (more on this later). The medium excels at telling character driven stories about people who live on the fringe, marginalized for their differences, idolized for their power. When done well a comic saga can not only entertain, but thrill, teach, affect. As a child, no book did this more than the SIlver Surfer series. Blessed with immortality and invulnerability he's often dismissed by troglodytes as Marvel's answer to Superman (cause Captain America sucks), however the Surfers quest was more personal, existential. He, an alien, sought to find in himself the magnanimous quality that he saw in man on Earth, and relentlessly quested for that ever elusive redemptive spark. A noble individual, his saga lies deeply entrenched in philosophy and self examination. So imagine how effing thrilled  I am to hear that the rumors are true, the Silver Surfer is coming to the silver screen!! Uh-Oh here comes Captain Reality to gum up the works: A)he's not getting a movie of his own B) he's going to be in the god-forsaken Fantastic Four sequel ::groan:: C)Vin Diesel isn't going to play him, okay I'm kind of pleased about that and D)he's going to be a completely CGI character! All I can hope here is that Tim Story botches it so bad, that in 20 years, yours truly can come along and do it right ala Raimi. Here's fucking hoping kids.
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