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Monday, April 24, 2006

The Night of a Thousand Jello Shots! 

For the most depravity, not the least, the wise debaucher attends our feasts!

1,016 Jello Shots
Strawberry Daquiri shots (Rum and Strawberry Jello)
Margarita Shots (Tequilla and Lime Jello)
Gin and Juice Shots (Gin and Orange Jello)
and the surprisingly potent
Lemon Drop Shots (Vodka and Lemon Jello)
Fifty Brownies
Orange Gummy Slices, Skittles, Spearment Gummy Slices, M&M's, Cherry Gummy Slices, Sour Patch Bears, Mini Sweedish Fish, JuJuBees, and of course Everlasting Gobstoppers.
A Keg of Pabst
and other illicit incidentals equals...


Happy Birthday Mike Scotto!



The Array of Candy

Thousand Shot Fridge



Scrumptuous Rebecca

Rebecca in her charming dress looks perfect besides those candids of Halston and Eartha Kitt, wouldn't you say?

Most Likely Indecent

Maggie know's the most delightful little japes, what a sweet girl.

Watch Out Matt!

Some people worked up some great sugar highs.

Which Has More Cream?


While others needed no help from the sweets whatsoever, but accepted it gladly.


Did you know that Maya's got cat-like reflexes?


Lauren's reflexes... less so.


But Ben's are spot on.


This dude was crestfallen that the keg had kicked. Don't worry slugger, there's still hundred's of shots to go!

Josh Is Not Jewish

Josh explains to me the that he isnt in fact slightly Jewish.


What Up, Beejal?

Neal and Mike

Some old favorites dropped by to pay their respects.

Cool Cara

Cara, and her Magic Hat.

Boette Runs to the Slide

At several points in the evening I took in a trip at the park.


"I see youre admiring my Ankh!"

A Plan Is Hatched

Andrea Sleeps


And what party would be complete without the impromptu lodger? This time played by the crowd favorite Mr. Macken
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