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Friday, February 03, 2006

Year of the Rooster Disc Two! 

Okay, so i know I said I'd share Disc Two with you yesterday and Disc Three today, but folks, I'm working 10 hour days with 2 hour commutes and nary enough time to be fabulous, socialize and take the photos that keep me within striking distance of sanity. Finishing mixes is not high on the list. So, a day late here's Disc Two of the Year of the Rooster Mix. Disc Two is more energetic, and keeps a slightly manic pace though-out. There are moments where you can catch your breath, but if you listen closely these dips are more like inhaling deeply for a big scream than a bonafied pause or lull. I'm not sure if I'd call this my favorite part of the whole mix, but it's definitely the part I keep coming back to. Aint that the way with movies too? Things really get going in the middle, once you've met all the characters and begin to get a sense for who they are and how they relate to the universe they inhabit. Well that's what Disc Two is, the training montages, the amour fou, the violently celebrated parties, and the all the sordid actions that are almost instantly regretted as they come into being. In other words; FUN FUN FUN!
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