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Friday, January 06, 2006

This Week, Nothing Came Easy 

Except perhaps my continuing experiments with color correction. Or not? I don't know, you tell me. In other news, I'm working on a new mix that will essentially highlight what I felt was some of the most interesting tracks from 2005's most interesting albums. I'm thinking of calling it Year of the Rooster. But since the Chinese Animal Crackers Calendar resets each 12 years, this may eventually become an impracticality. Two albums that I already know won't be represented: Get Behind Me Satan, and The Future Embrace. Because like so many other things in 2005 each (in it's own way) flamboyantly exhibited a flare for disappointment. Oh, by the way, last night I earned a free bowling game, round, what have you by striking on the red pin. Few things are as satisfying as performing a physical stunt you normally don't accomplish, on command. Anyway, one of the pictures I'm posting, is from Forward Lanes, the scene of the stunt. You know, after all this hype, I'm thinking about how bowling is truly one of the simplest sports out there in that nothing about the conditions of the game changes or is unexpected. You got your weighted ball, the precisely placed pins at the predetermined distance, and the gutters that neither move nor block. Golf is like 20 times harder than bowling. Actually, golfs kinda harder than a lot of things. I should stop knockin' golf. I'm restless and sleep deprived, my truce with golf should be evidence enough. If I go another week of 3 hours a sleep per night I may start hunting humans. Fair fuckin' warning.

Manhattan Betwixt the Blues

Let's Walk Up the Williamsburg

Some Dark Alley

Gotham Fog

Musical Accompaniment: Where Have You Been Asked the Doctor Composed by Philip Glass for the 1000 Airplanes On the Roof album
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