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Friday, January 28, 2005

Operation Free Mac Mini 

So I'm looking to compile a list of people who are interested and willing to get a free MacMini through the freeminimacs.com program. A quick search in Wired's website shows that this is actually a legit deal, hundreds if not thousands of people have new iPods through this same company, and so a few others I know are willing to go through with it. If YOU are willing to refer and participate in this Free Mac Operation contact me with your email address. I figure the quicker we organize the more effective an effort like this will be. From my end, I will make sure that if you need email addresses to complete your offer I will provide them to you as best I may. This is dependent on the level of response I get, and in what order I receive your request. Alright folks! Let's make the system work for us!!

this is ashley.

ooo oo me 2!
Tumblehawk wants in.
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