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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Apple Declares War On it's Silly PC Baby-Opponents

Okay, so first of all
Dave: You were right. Shit, all the Pre MacWorld Expo buzz-buzz damn near confirmed it. But I didnt think Apple would do it..... Ive waited for so long..... I had given up hope. But Apple is now making products for everyone.
War has been fucking declared:
The Mini Mac
$499bucks for a computer thats 3 times smaller and twice better than mine. As if that insane iMac wasnt compact enough... you can literally fit a supercomputer into a toaster. WOWZAS!

...and an ipod on a stick for $99. Now, I'm none too keen on it myself.... it only being 512 megabytes and all... but this iPod Shuffle does have a strange logic to it. It's perfect for running, and for playing albums or using as a hard drive. Shit its a hard drive that doubles as an ipod. SWEEET.
think I just talked myself into it

Well played Steve, I woulda played it differently.
I wouldve been wrong. Just one question.....

Viva Jobs
Viva Apple
Viva Dean


Cause y'know. Howard Dean's m'boy!

Shucks Howdy!

With all the wrong Ive been today I gotta be right about something....
that Dean kids goin places.
He's totally channeling his inner-SUper Mario in this photo.
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