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Monday, December 13, 2004


With Christmas less than a fortnight away, I'm alarmed at my lack of holiday spirit. Such a thing usually comes quite easily to me. I like the holidays, for all theyre worth. The winter holidays are great ways to celebrate life during the coldest most lifeless period of the year. Such an irony greatly appeals to my sense of humor and aesthetic. So why do I feel so nonplussed? I think I shall try to do more holiday things... See if I can scare up some Christmas lights and decorations. Perhaps someones doing the Nutcracker in Pittsburgh. Yeah, as a matter of fact, all you Burghers, if theres anything doing that reeks of Holiday cheese, let me know.
Meanwhile, life goes on, as it always has, with no special heed to temperament or lackluster celebration, Chanaka is almost over with Christmas fast approaching....
(5 minutes later)
At this point I had decided to look up the history of Chanukah, as I know very little about it. I learned how to spell it and then 2/3 into the article I noticed something that I find quite curious. The practice of referring to God as G-d baffles me. See, I understand the concept of respectfully avoiding the utterance of the true name of your creator. And assuming for the moment that a glib name as "God' is anything more than our own little way of referring to the impossibly infinite, isnt 'G-d' the same thing? Are you not referring to the same entity? Arent you using the majority of the letters? Hell a dash and an O have nothing in common EXCEPT when you stick them in the middle of a G and a D. Then theres no difference between em. I say Sh!t, I say F#ck. You know what I mean, and for all practical purposes I have just cursed. Sure, I didnt use the precise letter configuration, but words arent about letters, theyre about ideas. If you intentionally convey an idea through the use of language, it really doesnt matter how you chose to get there, youre there. God is G-d, and it makes no sense... of course, it can be said that faith in general isnt about making sense... it's about finding abstractions that have value and devoting yourself to them. I just hate little logical inconsistencies like that, but oh well, at least the trailer for CHARLIE and THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY is out!!!!!!
Non sequitur?
Totally G-d D@mn awesome?
Most definitely.

I WILL eventually get used to Johnny Depp smiling so much.


yo larreeeeee!
i feel ya man - it's a combination of having no time, and the weather being a balmy 50 degrees every day up here...but definitely, christmas is eluding me this year. well, today i feel a *little* wintery because of my new long underwear. they're bangin.
well i just found your blogger thinger here, and am pretty all excited bout it, but as a spokesperson for "us people" and one who refuses to put the "o" in "G-d", i felt a need to explain. The whole point is that we are puny little humans and G-d is so wonderful and great that writing his name in whole, with our simple little language and using our worldly possessions (pens, keyboards, etc), is just pure sacrilege. it's kind of funny because that's not His (G-d's) real name even, we aren't allowed to say or write His real name, and translated, it's He-Whose-Name-Cannot-Be-Spoken or some such. anyway chanukah is good for eating latkes and playing dreidle-y drinking games.

i have no holiday spirit, but that's hardly a change of pace....i envy yours, and will return to being a jew on xmas shortly...

when ya comin to nyc man?????
Why would they redo willy wonka and the chocolate factory??? And why does it have two names? It was Charlie in the book version. Johnny depp is more appealing as edward scissor hands than he is smiling in this movie...AH! Creepy.
ps i miss u laRRY!
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