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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Where Is My Mind 


Marilyn Manson has a best of album out?!
It's got a new cover of Personal Jesus?
What the-?
Why didnt someone tell me he had one of those............things?!
Bob, gun.

The album, neatly entitled, Lest We Forget. Couldn't hope to be as smartly titled as Type O Negatives compilation, The Least Worst Of. Not enough of a review you say? How does this stack up against other Manson albums? It doesn't. Cause on a whole Best Of's arent worth the plastic it takes to wrap a babys ass. It DOES however showcase a self portrait by the artist on its cover, which I MUST say looks rather striking. That talented bastard. I hope to see him blazing new trails and such. It's been far too long since Ive really marveled at he who is Manson.
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