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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Sun Also Writhes 

Porcupine Tree

Watching the end of the Sopranos fifth season, I feel a strong desire to experiment with motion photgraphy again. I've been so in love with stills I nearly forgot how titillating good shots are in the right place and time.

Reading Sim City, I was enthralled with the images Frank Miller uses to tell his sordid tale. I'm not sure how it was for Robert Rodriguez, but I definitely feel like my love for films is directly linked with a young appreciation for comics as a respectable art form. Guess I was just raised right.

The final sequence of the episode, it dawns on me, is much like a metaphor for the black bear in the back yard scenes earlier this season. Finally with Tony banging on the glass doors, wet disheveled and looking for shelter.

There's talk of a special appearance, more on that as developments, develop.

I'm in love with Stereolab. So sue me. Or love me. Make up your mind.

In case I havent mentioned it yet. The Return of the Kings extended cut is excellent. Nay, fucking amazing.

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction from the album "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!" by Devo 5 Stars
I really like the first picture in this bunch. Please keep the photography coming!
larry, indeed, the photos are Awesome On A Stick [tm]!
re: devo: whenever i'm feeling really bad and like i just want to die from the stress of work, i just come home and put on my devo shirt. then everything is a-ok.
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