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Thursday, October 14, 2004


This evening: Intense aggravation at having lost a job I really wanted/needed. I say lost, because though I had not yet been hired, it felt certain that I would get it. I had the best application (according to the interviewer) and had a really good interview. Ultimately it came down to me being 'overqualified".
What the fuck does that mean anyway?! Sorry sir, were aiming to lower or standards just a bit. No no sir, we only accept donations of 5 cents or less, quarters and dimes just won't do! HEY HEY! Five pennies at a time, IF YOU PLEASE!
SIIIIGH I just want a job that I'd enjoy and be good at. Something that would pay the bills, and pass the days. argh Folks, I'm trying to be the righteous man....I'm trying reeeeeal hard.
Hey man, at least that picture's great.

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