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Saturday, October 23, 2004

JORDY, not Geordie 

On my way out of the bar yesterday I espied this gentleman. For obvious reasons, I stopped and asked him some quesions.
Like: What the fuck?! This being his first day of owning the JORDY and his first oppurtunity to try them out, he was more than willing to give me a demonstration.
The JORDY works by using two mini Sony DV cameras that are controlled by a computer interface that magnifies images on two small screens in front of the eyes. It has a stunning 30x Zoom lens which can auto focus, and utilizes a cursor lock focus system, which was really fun to play with. It's got up to four viewing modes; full color, black and white, High contrast positive, and negative. Since its essentially a Sony digital camera, it can plug seamlessly into most standard video and computer ports. It will soon be possible for JORDY users to plugin directly into the video feeds in movie theaters.
What's just around the corner oh future-ball of wisdom!? JORDY compatible rifle zoom scopes! JORDY compatible dildos! There's a whole industry waiting to spring up here! Hell, theyve already got celebrity endorsement!!

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