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Monday, October 11, 2004

Gorgeous, Simply Gorgeous. 

I'm not one to endorse celebrity worship of any sort. But there are exceptions to all rules, and Ms. Dita Von Teese is certainly one of them. Manson, you ole dog, you.
Kiddies, I suggest you run to your local publication distributor and pick up the latest issue of Pop, for a spread featuring Dita and His Anti Christness. As well as a fabulous photo shoot of the ravishing Christina Ricci, some fantastic photography there. 3rd one on the page is my personal fave, but I'm a big softie for the veils. Reminds me of the Widow Scene in The Man Who Wasnt There. Know what I mean? THWWT is Neo-Noir at it's best. Second only of course to When Tyrants Kiss.

I want full info on how I can see, own, or somehow take part in this "When Tyrants Kiss" film. Where the fuck did it come from!???

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