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Monday, October 11, 2004

Crashing a Downed Party 

So I just got back from this lame ass crew party. It was for this Hollywood production called 10th and Wolf. Which sounded really cool when i was invited to it earlier in the day, right before hitting up the Chinese Buffet. In essence though, it was a bunch of movie people standing around while the DJ spun such shitty acts as Sean Paul and Britney Spears. When Mike (Scotto that is) and I first arrived to a barren bar with no signs of life, we gave it 20 minutes or so till we decided it might be prudent if we returned to HQ and played some racquetball. Having no sporting equipment on us, we stepped out and drove back to my place. Allll the while listening to this really insane DJ on AM spin ancient phonographs and ramble on about absolutely who-knows-what. 30 minutes later we were back at the bar (nicely named: Bash.). Things had livened up and the crowd seemed more into it. As far as that Disc Jockey (of crap) was concerned, I made but two requests: (anything by) Depeche Mode (and when that failed), Prince Let's Get Crazy. Luckily that solemn plea was answered. But you know what faithful readers? I don't care for certain types of social events, and loud bars with unpleasant music is a BIG turnoff. Por moi, that is. If that floats your boat, well...bully for you. I'm more of a lounge lizard myself. I also like roof parties. There's this thing in Brooklyn called Rooftop Cinema, or something to that effect, where they project awesome indie film on city rooftops late at night. MY KIND OF PEOPLE.
Music: The White Stripes-Black Math
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