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Friday, October 22, 2004

The Bush List 

And so it occurs to me that if presented with the facts and documentation supporting said assertions, it would be impossible for any objectively minded human being to remain a Bush supporter. After all, the shit has piled so high, some people have become convinced that it doesnt exist. Such as my buddy Jon "What voter fraud?" Kyle. So this I ask of you: lists of Bush misdeeds, lies, and other deviations from their constructed 'compassionate' exterior. Please keep in mind here that the proof and research is just as important as the lie or misdeed itself. I want sealed, error proof arguments. I plan on collecting all of these and creating packages for some of my Pro-Bush friends, so the sooner the better. The concentration is not so much on why Kerry's a good candidate, but the myriad of well documented reasons that Bush is such a poor one. Ive already got some resources of my own, but I'm sure you know a few good ones yourself, so leave it in a comment or email me. I'll likely post the package as an entry once it's completed.

Poursuite from the album "Triplets Of Belleville OST" by Ben Charest

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