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Thursday, October 21, 2004

And Then We Showed It To People 

Projected Movie
The When Tyrants Kiss screening went well. Very well in fact. There was at the very least a hundred people in attendance, who all oohed, ahhed and laughed at the right places and times. In the end the moving got a standing O and three rounds of applause. Funny thing is, I havent felt a real moment of trepidation this entire process, intense fatigue bordering on lunacy, sure. But never had I felt as nervous as when the credits rolled and the lights dimmed. WHEW! I'll say this much for that, it's very satisfying to see any personal creative accomplishment so displayed.

Honestly though, this screening means a lot less to me than the upcoming just announced November 6th Premiere, at the Three Rivers Film Festival. With a full audience of fresh minds the film will truly be put to the test. I feel confident that it will hold up, succeed, thoroughly entertain.

The after-party was a different monster all together. Yuengling, martinis, and cosmopolitans a plenty. Did I forget tequila shots? Ben didnt. As a matter of fact 10 minutes into the party before half the guests had arrived Ben had done got himself soaked to the gills in the lovely amber Mexican stuff, and as result fluttered about the party in a performance that was truly.....BEN. Then wisely collapsed on the drawing room sofa for the remainder. Good show, Ben! DSCN5418.JPG

Louden Up Now by !!! is really good. This is my first real run through, and it's great fun.

Marvel 1602 is a graphic novel written by Neil Gaiman that concerns a displaced universe of Silver Age era Marvel Comic Books Superheros who save the world in adventures that span Queen Elizabeths England to the wild untamed New World. None of the characters are in costume, but their Elizabethan wardrobe hearkens back to their more familiar spandexy counterparts. The best thing about the series is that since this storyline is so far removed from the Marvel Universe, Gaiman is given free reign in interpreting characters. If you know anything of Gaiman's work, I've totally caught your attention and you know who good this must be and/or is. If you arent familiar with his work, run to your nearest vendor of quality print and pick up the Preludes and Nocturnes collection. !MWA! My gift to you.

Sound And Vision from the album "Low" by David Bowie

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